A coincidence of opposites

We can’t take it anymore. Anger brings us together. It’s fair to experience it. However, mastering it is the urgency of our time to regain creative optimism.

Never in our history have the discoveries and inventions of science offered us so many possibilities to serve the common good. Never have we had so many resources to produce more and better per human being, per unit area and amount of material used. However, the elites in place monopolize them in an attempt to make them their instrument of power and enjoyment. They destroy man and nature, until they create a green finance which is the absolute perversion of ecology. Those who reject their injustice are punished, repressed or reduced to the status of “conspiracy”.

At the center of the destructive device is a system of slavery through currency and debt. This debt, for more than 50 years, is the product of the diversion of money by the financial circuits serving the oligarchy. They have seized a credit-money issue that boosts their financial assets (stocks, bonds, luxury housing, etc.) while we have to repay the debt by reducing public services and the consumption of the poorest. of the middle classes.

The money pump is running at full speed for the oligarchy. As always, the cynics will say. Yes with the intention, but today on an unprecedented scale. Since the transformation of the Western world into a casino for the very rich, this system has become a serial killer before our eyes. Witness the hundreds of thousands of children dying of hunger in Africa or Yemen, the hundreds of thousands of migrants who drown in the Mediterranean or are treated like dogs in camps and in our cities, up to a million poor people. Moreover old people who die in nursing homes and to young people without hope of employment. It was not the result of the coronavirus, it was the inability of Western countries to respond that created this situation. The first of human rights, which is to eat and to live, is violated.

So what, you want to depress us? tell us the hypocrites. Do you want us to stop paying off debts, to shave for free? No, we want people to stop paying unjust debts and determine which ones are in order to cancel them. What Roosevelt did in the United States in the 1930s and France with The National Council of Resistance was not simply “social”, but rebuilding by fighting financial feudalism through a managed economy.

Create a world connected and based on reason with mutual guarantee.

How to do it today? To create a world connected based on reason with mutual guarantee, to found resistance against universal fascism. Speakers from around the world discussed how to fight the poison of electoral fraud, build an economic order of mutual development on the basis of what Chinese Confucians call “patient capital”, revive a culture inspired by the creative powers of human beings, each contributing their part, and especially the young people eager to give the best of themselves. This is called a coincidence of opposites: acting together at a higher level of requirement to provide solutions that cannot be found at the current level of Malthusianism, culture of death, geopolitics and financial oligarchy, level to which the contradictions and the lack of human respect lead us to a terrible disaster. It is the oligarchy that wants us to believe that it is inevitable.



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