From Covidism to ‘Ukrainism’

We are living the end of an era where we are in a somewhat twilight period and in these moments there is an world elite which is in despair, arriving at the end of a cycle as evidenced by the political powers and the ‘experts’ expressing in various TV shows, the word shows is moreover symptomatic because it is complete theatrology as Guy Debord would say, it is “the society of the spectacle”.

Something that somehow lets this elite in escheat know that it’s over but continues desperately to maintain the engineering of fear like the virus, the mask, the social distance, the bomb, see the scarcity of production, etc.

So right now we find ourselves in an intermediate moment, a twilight period where there will be a multiplicity of popular uprisings, all of which indicates that in many respects the people yearn to rise up against these voluntary servitudes.

A new cycle of evolution is preparing where the world having accomplished a new more or less painful mutation will strengthen its connection ,favoring the common interest to that of a ruling, selfish and stateless world minority.




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Simon d'Orlaq

Simon d'Orlaq

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