Is Death Just a Myth?

Simon d'Orlaq
1 min readApr 30, 2023


Hey, hey, hey! Have you ever wondered why we think of death as a punishment and heaven as a reward? I mean, think about it, if death is punishment, then how the heck is heaven supposed to be the prize?!

But wait, hold up, hold up, hold up! What if I told you there’s no such thing as death? That’s right, you heard me! NO DEATH!

Instead, we transition from our selfish, me-me-me ways to become selfless beings with an eternal and perfect desire to help others. It’s like the ultimate glow-up, except instead of losing weight or getting a new haircut, we transform into altruistic angels.

And if you don’t believe me, well, that’s probably because you haven’t studied enough. See, without learning how to be selfless, our egoistic desires just fade away to nothingness. And that’s what people mistakenly call “death”.

Let’s all aspire to be selfless like a superhero with a heart of gold, because if we can transform our desires from selfish to altruistic, we’ll be jetting off to heaven in no time! I mean, who wouldn’t want to soar into paradise like a majestic eagle, am I right?!