One reaps what one sows.

Simon d'Orlaq
2 min readOct 18, 2023


Should we not remind ourselves of these timeless truths: emerging from violence through violence is an illusion, whether that violence is in our thoughts, words, or actions, long before that of weapons.

He who sows violence can only reap it.

To kill another, whoever they may be, is akin to killing oneself. There exists only one Reality (lâ ilaha illa Allâh). All is One (Adonai Ehad).

No matter the language or the lens: both Eastern sages and modern scientists say it, everything is interconnected, interdependent, entangled.

Is it not enough to be silent, in body and soul, and to meditate for a few moments to grasp this truth? To return to the pure consciousness of the “All that Is” — where cosmos, humanity, and divinity merge into an infinite Reality.

A being awakened to this truth cannot wage war. Faced with the undeniable shared and elusive Life, they shed tears but lay down their arms.

One can die without losing this awareness. But killing distances us from this clarity, deprives us of the vision that the other reflects the Reality.

Let’s stop annihilating each other, burning ourselves with thoughts and words that fuel violent acts. Isn’t it with this realization that we should start?

While waiting for a deeper awareness, wouldn’t it be wise to love one another, to celebrate together, in a universal communion of minds, the one and infinite Reality?