Our life is a long film

When we watch a good movie, our impression is so powerful that we forget the outside world. We get carried away by the intrigue to the point that it becomes our reality. We cry, we laugh, we love, we hate, we are afraid, we hope, we lose and we win.

Our life is a long film. We sleep, wake up, eat, drink, have kids, live and die, all in this movie. It seems so real because we never imagined it to be otherwise.

We live in a film studio called “this world” until suddenly someone comes and says, “Look, you’re in a studio, you’re traveling, electrodes have been implanted in you, in your brain and images are projected in front of you. ”

Can we change the film? Better yet, to rewrite the script? To go from an egocentric and edonist version to a version where love meaning connection and mutual support would be the common thread of the story?

We are the director of the film of our life and it is up to us to change the script, right now even,if we want to.

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