Out of all imperial interference

Let’s just be aware that NATO is the armed arm of the United States which considers Europe as its close quarters. NATO should have been dissolved at the end of the Cold War.

It is just as unacceptable for Russia to have NATO missile heads on its doorstep as it was with the United States in the Cuban missile affair.

A united Europe cannot be conceived with the imperial interference of the United States without which it will run into disaster. From an economic and cultural egemony at the end of WWII, this was to inevitably lead to an attempt at armed takeover in order to exclude Russia as a full-fledged partner in the ‘European club’.

The United States does not want Russia, the main supplier of natural resources to Europe, to take precedence.

Moreover, experience proves that the institution of the European Union composed of its 26 members is in no way viable as long as the interests of each differ. We see this again with the purchase by Germany of the F-35 fighter planes from Lockheed Martin at the expense of Dassault’s Rafale.Mints evidence shows that this institution is simply a Washington business platform.

Yes, an inter-state connection is possible where each country fully retains its sovereignty both economically, culturally and in terms of its defense. This connection is all the more achievable as any interference from an egemonic power does not seek to impose particular interests.

An alliance diplomacy based on treaties and agreements between European countries favoring cooperation and exchanges benefiting both the interests of each and strengthening its links is perfectly feasible.

Only a real desire to change the paradigm on the part of the European states, that is to say to break their ties of vassalage with Washington and of dependence with the City of London, would make it possible to acquire this sovereignty and to integrate Russia into its partnership. .

In his speech in Strasbourg in 1959, General de Gaulle had evoked “Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals”, in a striking formula aimed at breaking the duopoly of the Cold War between Washington and Moscow. He wondered about the end of the East-West conflict and the reunification of the European continent as a whole.

More than ever, this question remains topical.



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