Thank you!

First of all, hats off to all those who have succeeded in transforming the Coronavirus into a global health crisis, into a global pandemic.

Thanks to media scaremongering, thanks to dictatorial politicians, thanks to corrupt or dogmatic scientists.

Yes we express our gratitude to them. Gratitude that comes from the word “grace”, because we have been touched by grace, thanks to you this crisis is a revelation, an unveiling, an apocalypse.

And after the apocalypse comes another world. We will never go back to the world before, no offense to those who are still hanging on. For several years we had felt that something was wrong in this world.

Caught up in everyday life with this confused feeling of something wrong, we wandered without really understanding, hanging on to this stale world to avoid the pain of pulling away from it.

Fortunately the virus with its burlesque narrative invading the surface of the globe arrived tearing our blinders, leaving us to contemplate the disaster.

First we tried to understand. We have never worked so hard, we went through all the science articles, all the information, laws, decrees, ordinances. We have read all the information, from the mainstream media as well as from the “conspirators”.

We learned to master the internet, social networks, communication, graphics, non-violent communication…

We have written filmed, published, coordinated, drawn, sung, danced, created works of art. We get up at dawn and go to bed when our eyes close.

They wanted to impoverish us, they enriched us so much: Our knowledge is greater and we discovered new talents. We have pushed our limits: More than ever we are filled with hope to undertake.

Thanks to them, we were able to identify what we did not want. We don’t want to live in masks; we don’t want to live suspicious of each other.

We don’t want to live in the hypothetical guilt of “killing” our loved ones by transmitting a virus.

We don’t want to live forcibly vaccinate every month for all the viruses that are or will come. We don’t want a health passport, facial recognition; we don’t want to be put on file.

We don’t want to be incarcerated in our homes. They wanted to separate us. Be careful, social distancing: 1m, then 1, 50, then 2m with the new variants.

They brought us together. They wanted to scare us; we got out of the cave. They can play alone with their shadows.

They wanted to stupefy us in front of the television, we turned it off and tomorrow we will throw in front of our thresholds all their consumer goods with planned obsolescence.

They wanted to impose on us their vision of the world, market and based on the eternal debt, the complete dispossession, even that of our own life?

We are laying the foundations for another exciting world based on gratitude, the joy of a fraternal connection, made of altruism and mutual guarantee.

So thank you so much for all the benefits of this crisis.



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