The globalist utopia

We will decipher globalism, its doctrine, its commandments, its essential principles, but above all show how globalism infiltrates people’s minds, imprints its doxa in our daily lives and in particular through screens. We are responding to a void that we have observed in everything that comments and discusses globalism, we talk a lot about philosophical, historical, esoteric or economic references, but very little about the media and entertainment which occupies a very important part of our lives and casi subliminally exposes us to this ideology without necessarily perceiving it.

Do not confuse globalism and globalization.

Now screens, current music, advertisements, films, series all carry the same ideology, that of globalism but without talking about it without saying it, it does not unfold in a visible way, in a confirmed way. Because globalism has this particularity that it advances masked, it hides behind globalization, it creeps into it, however globalization is an ineluctable movement; it is a movement which makes technological progress, which brings distances closer together which makes it possible to communicate in the world everywhere in the blink of an eye.

Globalization is a fact, we cannot fight it and, moreover, is it desirable? Because it allows people to get to know each other better, to share a lot more things together. Globalization is something that cannot be fought. Globalism is quite another thing, it is an ideology that aims to unify the world into one people, to abolish borders, nations and ultimately to establish world governance, in fact globalism is a kind of recovery from the myth of the Tower of Babel revisited in a contemporary style but other times have also explored it we can see Thomas Moore’s Utopia during the Renaissance, in the Athenian era it was Diogenes of Sinope and then the Age of the Enlightenment too, in particular in the 18th century with Jean de Boisgelin who spoke of trade on a global scale to achieve universal peace, so it’s an idea that goes back a long way.

Globalism is politically and openly carried only by a part of the extreme left and also by Masonry, therefore ultra-minority or occult currents; globalism is hiding because it knows itself to be unpopular. The peoples do not want to spontaneously shed their sovereignty or their identity. Globalism does not develop in an argumentative way but insinuates that it is an ineluctable consequence of globalization which is false, globalization on the contrary is accompanied by identity information and a thirst for independence and greater differentiation in a global concert of nations and peoples.

This is indeed what we see emerging everywhere against the current of globalism in the world in particular in the West through the shattering irruption of populist currents in recent years and even beyond the West as Brazil, India, Turkey and others are local variants of Western populism.

Populism is asserting itself and progressing everywhere even as globalism asserts itself and imposes itself as a veritable steamroller in everything that is supposed to influence opinion, the mainstream media and the ‘entertainment factories’ it controls. . Globalism is carried at arm’s length much less by politics than by the high economic spheres, globalism is indeed an ideological weapon at the service of the interests of a world oligarchy which is based on the triptych: Banks, multinationals, GAFAM.

Globalism, which claims to open up the world and tear down borders, is totally in line with their interests which are to sell the same product by tens of millions of copies all over the world without having to suffer from different national regulations, customs duties, legal constraints which always require costly adaptations, without having either to undergo different cultures which mean that what will go well in one place no longer goes to another and all this slows down the global penetration of markets by large multinational and involves significant adaptation costs.

Globalism is an ideology in the service of the super world class, the same one that holds the big media and the big entertainment production centers like Hollywood and many others, and it is super world class which has grown considerably. for thirty years in favor of the lowering of customs duties, the opening of markets, the establishment of the WTO, also in favor of financial deregulation and the enormous merger and acquisition on a global scale which has become increasingly evident over the years.

Little by little, we end up with the establishment of oligopolies on a world scale and all this is far removed from the principles of free and not false competition which are the basis of classical economic liberalism. When we have such important oligopolies on a world scale we have a very great influence on consumer markets, which the economist John Kenneth Galbraith had denounced in his time. Today these large hyper-concentrated groups hold wealth which is superior to the richest and most powerful states. The market capitalization of a group like Amazon is greater than the GDP of Switzerland and the market capitalization of Apple is greater than that of Belgium.

How does globalism impose its laws?

While companies merge and sell to the whole world and accumulate extraordinary profits never seen in history, States themselves have to bear the cost of globalization: Delocalization, deindustrialization, massive tax evasions in tax havens organized by the world super class and force states to get into debt and deal socially with the damage in their respective countries.

To schematize, the large groups are increasingly richer, the States increasingly poor and more and more indebted to these large groups. You don’t have to be a sickly conspirator to see that the former will do everything to impose their laws on the latter; it is the law of nature. There is a very strong influence of a link which is that of debt. Our States today cannot do without refinancing under good conditions otherwise they would go bankrupt overnight and therefore they are brought to accept conditions which are not at all favorable to the people and even to their interests.

A few years ago Steve Jobs the legendary Apple boss had poke fun at owning more cash than the US federal state. Today it is Twitter which censors the President of the United States and not the other way around and by doing so it impacts a symbolism which has a great value, which wants to mark the spirits to impose on the spirits that the real power is in process. To be transferred from States and even the most powerful States to the most powerful companies.

The four tenets of Globalism

Multinationals today have the keys to power, they want to impose their interests on States. Globalism is a system which is based on inescapable dogmas. In economic matters first since this is the keystone of the system, the dogmas are four in number: First, free exchange, a veritable Trojan horse of globalism, is supposed to put everything else behind it.

Second pillar deflation is to say the reduction of costs, this deflation is imposed on the greatest number but not on everyone, this deflation is sense to respond to the interest of the agent who holds all the attention of the super class global, this agent is the consumer, it is always him who is evoked to defend free exchange, relocation, robotization, because the consumer is the Alpha and Omega of globalism.

While the basic worker is now plethoric or replaceable by machines, it is the solvent consumer who must be pampered. It is he who is supposed to absorb the gigantic mass of production which today comes mainly from Asian countries and how to pamper him by offering him always more products for always less, this is where one of the main mirage of globalism resides, the consumer can only consume if he produces, that is to say if he creates wealth, however in the West the link does not flow any more from source, by flattering the consumer at the same time one ruins the worker or in principle it is necessary that the two are only one.

The third pillar of globalism is financial deregulation which maintains a disheveled speculation, which is gradually siphoning off the means which should be devoted to the real economy to transfer them to the financial economy, this famous economy, this bubble which is essentially still controlled by the world super class, as the multinationals crush the States, the financial bubble crushes the real economy is therefore for the masses it is deflation and for the elites it is inflation, but the inflation of its assets that we see by the high stock prices while the economy collapses, the luxury real estate market, the art market, it is a bubble which is not subject to inflation and which is supported by the banks and the world super class.

But globalism could not function without the fourth pillar that of a project of transformation of the human being, of eradicating it from its geographic, historical, family, religious and moral roots, this is the sinae qua non condition of the effective completion of its project in the long term. Only a complete change in man can adapt him to globalism, transform him into what is favorably and very flatteringly called “a citizen of the world”. In this, globalism is one of the avatars of the counter culture, existentialist authors and deconstruction. In addition, an individual freed from the pressure of history, family, beliefs, morals or all forms of authority is a much better client for multinationals.Individualists, egotists, all excited by the power of marketing all this transforms man into a compulsive consumer, totally in the grip of his desires and the offers of multinationals.

The ideal man of globalism is turned on his desires, under continuous hypnosis of marketing, totally given over to the consumerist compulsion and above all he is totally conditioned to globalist propaganda, that which slips into information, into debates and also into music, in advertising, in cinema, in TV series, in reality TV shows which is a new format which appeared in the race of triumphant globalism, that is to say in the beginning of the 90s. also in football and in many entertainments which fascinate the crowds.

The instruments of globalism

The power of entertainment is also one of the most powerful means of globalism, it is used systematically as an element of transformation of minds, many intellectuals forget it but the masses are much more inspired by popular films, songs, through sport, than through philosophical, social and economic theories to which they often have little or no access. Especially the continuous exposure of the screens via televisions, telephones, make of the last generations new categories in the history of mankind, much more subjected to external influences than their circles of origin, family, village, etc.

The cell phone is a direct link that each of us carries all the time and which connects us systematically with multinationals via information platforms, applications, etc. It is this man in the grip of the screens that we want to bring towards globalism by an insidious bias, leisure, entertainment, relaxation. In 45 years of interval globalism has seized on information, it has done everything to impose its dogmas, showing that there is no alternative to its project, free exchange is unassailable and cannot be amended failing to return to the stone age of protectionism.

Finance must be deregulated, a sinae qua non condition of the famous ‘runoff’, social rights, same-sex marriages, abortions, ART / gestational surrogacy, must be extended to infinity, nothing must come into conflict with everyone’s desires, the people are dangled with absolute freedom, infinite opportunities throughout the world, the end of confinement and the grip of borders and conventions which are considered alienating.

Globalized man

The globalized man presupposes having a thrilling life if he knows how to get rid of the weight of the past, his entourage, norms, habits and routines. This is what most of the entertainment we consume to the full say. In the globalized world, whoever colonizes our screens, everyone goes where they want, does what they want, becomes who they want, what they want to be, as long as they go to the cash register, that of these famous multinationals which obviously hide behind all this and collect the profits.

One of the dogmas of globalism is also mass immigration which is imposed on the people without their having a say and which is one of the essential dogmas of globalism because it serves economic interests and puts pressure on them. on wages, therefore reduces costs, that is to say creates deflation and then it dilutes the peoples into one, thus aiming to quarter the nations, dividing them into communities and which no longer have unity and their cohesion as before, and little by little we are aiming at a dilution of the peoples into one and there is a myth of miscegenation today which is imposed and shines through the films, and TV series.

For globalism, the family is hell, patriarchy a form of despotism, how many films have shown this to us? Migrants are all beautiful, innocent people, persecuted by racism. Women are the objects of men’s defiance, permanent victims. The nation systematically leads us to war, the State lies to us, it watches over us, it delivers us to police violence, it violates democratic principles, it will bring war to the four corners of the world. Today the populists are presented as conspirators, but to denigrate the nations, the globalists have paved the way, at the time the conspirators when it came to attacking the omnipotence of nation states in a traditional society, the conspirators were the globalists and today as they took power they are the populists.

Rap music also attacks the authority of the State head-on, it spews out order and traditional society, it is the rallying cry of modern barbarians charged with demolishing what remains of the pillars of our society. Rap is a musical genre that appeared in the wake of triumphant globalization i.e. at the beginning of the 90s.

Sex and excessive pornography destroy what remains of the traditional family. So all pillars of society are attacked, including religious beliefs. The ideal man of the globalized society today is the young candidate of TV reality shows, a new format also in the wake of globalism, which appeared towards the end of the 90s. He is a young man totally uneducated, unstable , infantilized, egotist, instinctual, he is the ultimate, the model of his kind, the one that we want to expose at all costs, that we want to impose in all heads and that everyone must imitate and to set up as a model for our youth. It is this model of the globalized man that the multinationals want to give us as an example.

Conditioned by all these pressures, the people let themselves fall asleep for a very long time until the misdeeds of globalism came to light and made themselves felt in people’s daily lives: mass immigration, deliquency, terrorism, Unemployment, over-indebtedness of States. A few years ago the peoples barely began to measure the dramatic effects of this utopia, because globalism is nothing other than a utopia. The Covid crisis for a year has greatly helped the conscience, shortage in everything at the health level and everyone has seen that China, a productive paradise for multinationals, held the world economy in its hands and submitted it to its good will. The dramatic decline of our societies has come to light, unable to effectively fight the pandemic when the countries of Asia were able to get rid of it in a few weeks.

Speed race

So for some time now an arm wrestling has started between more and more populists and defensive globalists who are doing everything to keep their advantages and impose their views. A speed race unfolds before our eyes, and globalism is forced to discover itself more and more as it advances normally masked. The investment banks take directly in hand the most indebted countries determined to force the repayment of their debts. By letting them fall asleep in the honey bath of globalism, the Western peoples are now discovering that they have precipitated the decline of their nations.

Tomorrow the Great Reset claims to reset the counter to zero, because how to achieve a unified world when the West is 5 times richer than other countries, the transfer of the heritage of Western peoples, middle classes in particular for the benefit of the super class world is being organized before our eyes with the conjunction of central bank policies and sanitary restrictions.

The peoples have let themselves be lulled for decades in a sweet dream, they wake up today in the middle of a nightmare, and the famous total liberation that we had been promised ends in a real freedom-killing society where you have to ask for authorizations to go out or to drink a coffee, and respect the curfew, Like all utopias globalism will inevitably fail because the new man it claims to create does not exist, the one who wants to create globalism no more than his ancestor man new Bolshevism.

But the peoples who have sunk into utopia do not recover with great difficulty and they most often recover in the midst of ruins and debris. The faster we wake up, the better off we will be. We urgently need to react, revert to the values which have forged the success of our nations and definitively sweep away all those who have led us to the disasters we know today.



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