Vaccination: Egoistic attempt at resistance.

Simon d'Orlaq
4 min readJan 21, 2021


At a time when the whole planet is vaccinated against the Covid in the hope of being immunized and thus being able to return to “business as usual”, there is reason to wonder not only about the effectiveness of this measure but also more deeply about what it implies. Of course, we can understand that faced with this pandemic, the immediate reaction is to protect oneself from the deadly scourge and that the reflex is to quickly produce these vaccines.

This response makes it possible to attenuate at least temporarily the general anxiety of the populations. Temporarily is the word that should be used for this operation, because it is specified by most of the authorities responsible for managing this vaccination program, that despite having been vaccinated, it will nevertheless be necessary to continue to wear the mask and to keep social distances.

Does this mean that immunization is far from being acquired and that the risk of being infected remains? The answer seems obvious, especially since the development of a vaccine usually takes 10 to 15 years. The fastest-developed vaccine, the one against Ebola, took five years of effort. Between each of the stages in developing a vaccine, there is usually a pause. This allows scientists to thoroughly analyze their results before moving on to the next phase, and investors to discontinue their involvement if the outcome of the project becomes too uncertain.

Let’s assume that the vaccine can immunize, it is still necessary to know how long, since the Covid evolves and that already at the start of the year, two variants have appeared more contagious according to the first data.

By continuing our reflection let us ask what this pandemic means to the point of having confined more than half of the world population since 2019. As in all diseases, including infectious ones, they are only a signal announcing a dysfunction of the organism.

There have existed throughout the past centuries many pandemics, a quick analysis of these events leads us to conclude that they are the consequences of a radical change throughout the development process of societies, where the service sector generates more wealth than the manufacturing sector of the economy.However, these pandemics did not start in the post-industrial period but also in the pre-industrial period before there were machines and tools to help perform tasks en masse.

What is the common denominator of these two periods? Quite simply, it is the pursuit of profit, yield and power, more generally and by sophisticated means of the large-scale monopolization of wealth. All wars, social conflicts and ecological disasters testify to the predatory capacities of man.

Therefore we realize that while supposedly we are modernizing, pandemics are triggered with more magnitude. That of 2019 paralyzing the world economy wanting to signal that the neo-liberal system and transborderism with its delocalized productions and its trade at all costs, was once again not the right path for humanity to take.

It is now very clear that if we persist in wanting to continue on the path of excessive production and consumerism, favoring the “want” over “being”, that is to say letting go of the ego and its endless procession of vain desires, the signal sent to us by nature indicating that we are breaking its harmony, will become more threatening or even deadly for the human species.

So what if these pandemics instead of being an evil were more of a good and encouraged us to reform our way of living and consuming? What if instead of living in our narcissistic bubbles, listening only to our egos and letting them take control of our lives to the detriment of others and where everyone only seeks to defend their little comfort zone, we decided to no longer act like cancer cells in this great body that is humanity, but rather unite altruistically taking care of each other for the greatest happiness of all?

This pandemic is already pushing us to do it, see the solidarity that unfolds day after day, its volunteers appearing from everywhere ready to provide assistance to the most deprived.

But this is only the prelude to a much more radical change that of a global awareness that we cannot survive without being sincerely connected between all, that the future of man is now played out on his ability to unite beyond all its differences and that from now on it is not a question of focusing us on chancy research to immunize us against a virus which will adapt and mutate anyway, but rather to seek urgently how in a practical way to establish a genuine and fraternal connection among all the nations.

Vaccination is just a cautery on a wooden leg and a futile attempt by our ego to resist and maintain its hold on us.