By Simon d’Orlaq

We can only be taken aback by the way in which the United States decided to free itself from the Afghan quagmire in which with its allies they were bogged down. In twenty years the United States has spent more than one thousand two hundred and eighteen…

What if we stop getting caught up in anger, resentment, indignation, disappointment, dissatisfaction …

… need to prove that you are right and that others are wrong …

… wait for the approval of others … wait for others to be different … for the world to be different …

First of all, hats off to all those who have succeeded in transforming the Coronavirus into a global health crisis, into a global pandemic.

Thanks to media scaremongering, thanks to dictatorial politicians, thanks to corrupt or dogmatic scientists.

Yes we express our gratitude to them. Gratitude that comes from the…

We will decipher globalism, its doctrine, its commandments, its essential principles, but above all show how globalism infiltrates people’s minds, imprints its doxa in our daily lives and in particular through screens. We are responding to a void that we have observed in everything that comments and discusses globalism, we…

We can’t take it anymore. Anger brings us together. It’s fair to experience it. However, mastering it is the urgency of our time to regain creative optimism.

Never in our history have the discoveries and inventions of science offered us so many possibilities to serve the common good. Never have…

The media echoing the general opinion, we see that few people draw the appropriate conclusions about this pandemic, few question the real causes of the appearance of this virus. Of course, we’ll retort that even scientists have a hard time doing this too.

So, as if to exorcise the general…

Thank’s to Covid who having brought the world to its knees, disrupting economic data, confronting scientists with their contradictions, confusing governments by making them appear in their insignificance and blowing a wind of hysteria on the people, now sheds light on two elements constituting our recurring ills at the global…

Our world is false, illusory
Appears as physical bodies
With a desire to receive
But only egoistically

We see bodies instead of souls
Which are intentions as a whole
That only exist in the role
In harmony, all’s not controlled

With this, the Supreme Creative
The Force of Nature that it is
An upper world of intentions
Is only reached with perspective

By correcting our perception
We have become the exception
And we will find our reception
In the upper world’s perfection

By deciphering the evolution of epidemics over the past centuries, a significant convergence appears between the manifestation of a pandemic and the growth of the ego within a social group, in this specific case of one or more nations.

It is a question of finding the correlation of these events…

In the beginning is a silent, nonobjectifiable field of consciousness from which emerges the information and energy which structures matter and its different levels of reality or “universes”; As everyone knows, we have entered a new era.These through mutations and evolution, lead to what we today call the Anthropocene.


Simon d'Orlaq

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